For knifemakers and connoisseurs of bladed weapons


What can be added to 2knife?

On 2knife you can add items, created by your own hands: original knives, weapons, accessories, materials, other items that match stated categories.
Additionally, you can add items partially related to weapons (such as damask steel products, etc).
Any added items can be marked in the listings as for sale.

Who can add knives, accessories, or materials?

The main rule of the community — knives, related items and accessories can only be added by those who made them.
Add, if the product is made by yourself or in collaboration with other people.

These rules do not apply to the "Materials" category.
If you add to "Materials", please that you don't add knife or accessory.

Can I add an antique, purchased or presented knife?

You can't add the item, even if has the exceptional artistic value, unless you created it.
If you believe that your case is an exception to the rules, contact us.

Who are the masters or knifemakers?

Masters and knifemakers in our interpretation are the manufacturers of items, or accessories for them.
Mostly individuals, but may be companies if their items have artistic value.

How do I buy anything here?

The knife, accessory or other item can be purchased only case if marked as for sale.
If you see the price or offer, send a message to the user and negotiate the deal directly.
Inform about your desire to buy the item, ask for delivery service and it's cost, as well as the form of payment.
Please note that 2knife is not involved in the deal. We do not charge any commission and can't be held liable to the seller or buyer.

Why is the "Send Message" button is not shown on all item pages?

The button "Send Message" is displayed only when the master put the item on the sale.
In this case you can send a message about the purchase.
If you wish to give an opinion about item — post a comment.

Why do I need to register my account?

Registration is required in some cases for knifemakers and visitors.
If you are a knifemaker — in your account you can manage added products or to respond to users messages.
Only registered users can add comments or send messages using website.

How to advertise on 2knife?