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Copy machine

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  • Copy machine
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CMD 5.5 B1000

Length 1350 mm
Height 440 mm
Width 370 mm (including counterweights 600 mm)
Weight 37 kg
On the machine it is possible to copy parts with a diameter of 5 to 160 mm. From 10 to 1000 mm long.
Power supply 220 volts.
Energy consumption 1.3 kW.

Gearmotors power 12 volts torque 30 kgf / cm
The rotation speed of the template and copy is from 0 to 60 rpm.
The speed of the carriage is from 0 to 20 cm / min.
The angle grinder with a diameter of a disk of 125 mm. (A three-tooth disc on wood for angle grinders). Power is 1000 watts.

Copy machine Druzhinin. Designed for copying wood products of various shapes and lengths. It is possible to copy on the machine: wobblers, handles for knives, axes, balusters, legs for tables and chairs and much more. Druzhinin's copying machine is equipped with limit switches, which allow automatic copying. A wide range of adjustments to the speeds of rotation of the parts and the movement of the carriage, allow you to choose the optimal speed and quality of copying the product, as well as make the machine an indispensable assistant in your workshop.

Package Includes:
1. Copy machine.
2. Exhaust nozzle on angle grinder.
3. Saw blade.
4. 4 sets of tips for attaching the template, workpiece.
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